We understand that the ageing process can have a real effect on your confidence and wellbeing. We can help you look fresher and more rested – often in just an hour and with no down time – giving your confidence a boost.

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Dermalogica face mapping (15min)
An expert skin analysis for any skin type £FREE
Dermalogica microzone treatment (30min)
A solution to treat any skin issue £25.00
Dermalogica face treatment (1hr)
Dermalogica offers a unique skin treatment customised to you £50.00
A patch test is required 24 hours before any tinting or perming treatment
Eyebrow tint £10.00
Eyelash tint £14.50
Eyebrow and eyelash tint £20.00
Eyelash perm £36.00
Eyelash perm and tint £40.00
Eyelash extensions £70.00


Whatever your look we’re here to enhance it!

Sun Love Face Beauty